Weekly Program Guide for COETV 19 - Apr 13, 2021 to Apr 19, 2021
Tuesday12:00 AMA Star Is Born
Tuesday1:51 AMRoyal Wedding
Tuesday3:22 AMAs You Like It
Tuesday4:58 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Tuesday5:00 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday5:12 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday5:21 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday5:29 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday5:37 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday5:45 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday5:53 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday6:00 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday6:09 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday6:18 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday6:54 AMMental Health Minute #8
Tuesday7:00 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday7:32 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday7:46 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday7:57 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Tuesday8:00 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday8:13 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday8:24 AMArt With Mrs Smith: Pumpkin
Tuesday8:54 AMMental Health Minute #7
Tuesday9:00 AMEducational Programming
Tuesday9:21 AMArt With Mrs Smith: Torch
Tuesday9:51 AMMock Trial: Students
Tuesday9:52 AMNGA: Adoration of the Magi
Tuesday10:00 AMNGA: Rousseau Jungles in Paris
Tuesday10:37 AMNGA: Whistler's Etchings
Tuesday11:00 AMMental Health Minute #1
Tuesday11:02 AMMental Health Minute #2
Tuesday11:04 AMMental Health Minute #3
Tuesday11:06 AMMental Health Minute #4
Tuesday11:08 AMMental Health Minute #5
Tuesday11:10 AMMental Health Minute #6
Tuesday11:13 AMMental Health Minute #7
Tuesday11:17 AMMental Health Minute #8
Tuesday11:21 AMMental Health Minute #9
Tuesday11:27 AMTicket2Teach Webinar 202101
Tuesday12:00 PMElectronic Field Trips
Tuesday12:57 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Tuesday1:00 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday1:16 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday1:38 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday1:57 PMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Tuesday2:00 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday2:16 PMThe Executive Branch
Tuesday2:31 PMLegislative & Judicial Branches
Tuesday2:45 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday3:00 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday3:26 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Tuesday3:28 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday4:00 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday4:24 PMMock Trial: Parents
Tuesday4:25 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday5:00 PMStudent Media Collection:202104
Tuesday5:54 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Tuesday6:00 PMTUSD Maker Faire 2018
Tuesday6:30 PMCoastal Valley Academy
Tuesday6:36 PMYSYS: Templeton, 2015
Tuesday6:47 PMRancho El Chorro & Rotary Promo
Tuesday6:49 PMMental Health Minute #7
Tuesday6:53 PMMental Health Minute #8
Tuesday6:57 PMMock Trial: Parents
Tuesday7:00 PMElectronic Field Trips
Tuesday7:57 PMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Tuesday8:00 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday8:09 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday8:18 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday8:27 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday8:36 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday8:45 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday8:53 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Tuesday8:55 PMTicket Into Tech: IQMS
Tuesday9:00 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday9:21 PMCTE Precision Tech-Carrie W.
Tuesday9:22 PMEducational Programming
Tuesday9:51 PMMental Health Minute #8
Tuesday9:54 PMMock Trial: Attorney-Coaches
Tuesday9:59 PMMock Trial: Students
Tuesday10:00 PMMusic & You: 03-Instruments
Tuesday10:29 PMETWTM: 01-Scottish Music
Tuesday11:00 PMNGA: Measure of All Things
Tuesday11:16 PMNGA: Willem de Kooning
Tuesday11:28 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Tuesday11:31 PMNGA: Andrew W. Mellon
Wednesday12:00 AMThe Naked Kiss
Wednesday1:30 AMAbraham Lincoln (1930)
Wednesday2:55 AMThe Three Musketeers
Wednesday4:54 AMTicket Into Tech: IQMS
Wednesday4:57 AMCTE Precision Manufacturing
Wednesday5:00 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday5:07 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday5:21 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday5:30 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday5:39 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday5:48 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday5:57 AMTicket Into Tech: Colleen R.
Wednesday6:00 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday6:10 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday6:20 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Wednesday6:22 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday6:36 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday6:45 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday6:53 AMCoastal Valley Academy
Wednesday6:58 AMEarly Learning Enrollment 2019
Wednesday7:00 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday7:34 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday7:45 AMMental Health Minute #8
Wednesday7:48 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday8:00 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday8:32 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday8:44 AMEducational Programming
Wednesday8:57 AMEarly Learning Enrollment 2019
Wednesday8:58 AMRancho El Chorro & Rotary Promo
Wednesday9:00 AMNGA: Tapestry by Joan Miro
Wednesday9:15 AMNGA: Thomas Moran
Wednesday9:26 AMNGA: Ancient China
Wednesday9:46 AMNGA: Aware Series: Rembrandt
Wednesday10:00 AMNGA: Toulouse Lautrec
Wednesday10:30 AMNGA: John James Audubon
Wednesday10:58 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Wednesday11:00 AMMental Health Minute #1
Wednesday11:02 AMMental Health Minute #2
Wednesday11:04 AMMental Health Minute #3
Wednesday11:06 AMMental Health Minute #4
Wednesday11:08 AMMental Health Minute #5
Wednesday11:10 AMMental Health Minute #6
Wednesday11:13 AMMental Health Minute #7
Wednesday11:17 AMMental Health Minute #8
Wednesday11:21 AMMental Health Minute #9
Wednesday11:27 AMTicket2Teach Webinar 202101
Wednesday12:00 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday12:52 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday1:00 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday1:45 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday2:00 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday2:25 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday2:52 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday2:57 PMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Wednesday3:00 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday3:26 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Wednesday3:28 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday4:00 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday4:24 PMMock Trial: Parents
Wednesday4:25 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday5:00 PMStudent Media Collection:202104
Wednesday5:54 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Wednesday6:00 PMYSYS: CTE 201807
Wednesday6:04 PMTicket Into Tech: IQMS
Wednesday6:07 PMCTE Precision Tech-Carrie W.
Wednesday6:08 PMMental Health Minute #8
Wednesday6:12 PMMental Health Minute #7
Wednesday6:16 PMYSYS: Grizzly 201706
Wednesday6:28 PMMock Trial: Attorney-Coaches
Wednesday6:29 PMTUSD Maker Faire 2018
Wednesday7:00 PMCal Fire: Widlfire Prevention
Wednesday7:08 PMHands-On Heroes: All of 2019
Wednesday7:37 PMYSYS: San Miguel 2016
Wednesday7:51 PMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Wednesday7:53 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Wednesday8:00 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday8:06 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday8:34 PMEarly Learning Enrollment 2019
Wednesday8:36 PMEducational Progrmming
Wednesday8:53 PMMental Health Minute #8
Wednesday8:57 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Wednesday9:00 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday9:28 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday9:49 PMMental Health Minute #7
Wednesday9:53 PMEducational Programming
Wednesday10:00 PMMusic & You: 03-Instruments
Wednesday10:29 PMETWTM: 01-Scottish Music
Wednesday11:00 PMNGA: Tapestry by Joan Miro
Wednesday11:15 PMNGA: Aware Series: Rembrandt
Wednesday11:27 PMTicket Into Tech: StreamGuys
Wednesday11:31 PMNGA: Frederic Church
Thursday12:00 AMNosferatu
Thursday1:32 AMNight of the Living Dead
Thursday3:07 AMThe Phantom of the Opera
Thursday4:54 AMCTE Precision Manufacturing
Thursday4:55 AMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Thursday5:00 AMEducational Programming
Thursday5:13 AMEducational Programming
Thursday5:23 AMEducational Programming
Thursday5:35 AMEducational Programming
Thursday5:49 AMEducational Programming
Thursday6:00 AMEducational Programming
Thursday6:08 AMEducational Programming
Thursday6:21 AMEducational Programming
Thursday6:30 AMEducational Programming
Thursday6:42 AMYSYS: Grizzly 201706
Thursday6:54 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Thursday6:55 AMTicket Into Tech: IQMS
Thursday7:00 AMEducational Programming
Thursday7:24 AMEducational Programming
Thursday7:42 AMMental Health Minute #8
Thursday7:46 AMEducational Programming
Thursday7:58 AMMock Trial: Attorney-Coaches
Thursday8:00 AMEducational Programming
Thursday8:44 AMEducational Programming
Thursday8:57 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Thursday8:59 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Thursday9:01 AMEducational Programming
Thursday9:07 AMMental Health Minute #7
Thursday9:11 AMCASA: Eli's Story
Thursday9:13 AMYSYS: Grizzly 201706
Thursday9:25 AMArt With Mrs Smith: Torch
Thursday9:54 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Thursday9:56 AMSLO Foster Care: Christian
Thursday10:00 AMNGA: Ginevra's Story
Thursday10:56 AMTicket Into Tech: StreamGuys
Thursday11:00 AMMental Health Minute #1
Thursday11:02 AMMental Health Minute #2
Thursday11:04 AMMental Health Minute #3
Thursday11:06 AMMental Health Minute #4
Thursday11:08 AMMental Health Minute #5
Thursday11:10 AMMental Health Minute #6
Thursday11:13 AMMental Health Minute #7
Thursday11:17 AMMental Health Minute #8
Thursday11:21 AMMental Health Minute #9
Thursday11:27 AMTicket2Teach Webinar 202101
Thursday12:00 PMElectronic Field Trips
Thursday12:57 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Thursday1:00 PMEducational Programming
Thursday1:44 PMEducational Programming
Thursday1:58 PMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Thursday2:00 PMEducational Programming
Thursday2:17 PMEducational Programming
Thursday2:47 PMEducational Programming
Thursday2:54 PMCoastal Valley Academy
Thursday3:00 PMEducational Programming
Thursday3:26 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Thursday3:28 PMEducational Programming
Thursday4:00 PMEducational Programming
Thursday4:24 PMMock Trial: Parents
Thursday4:25 PMEducational Programming
Thursday5:00 PMStudent Media Collection:202104
Thursday5:54 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Thursday6:00 PMEdu Employee of the Year: 2018
Thursday6:48 PMEarly Learning Enrollment 2019
Thursday6:50 PMMental Health Minute #8
Thursday6:54 PMMental Health Minute #7
Thursday6:58 PMMock Trial Program Promo
Thursday7:00 PMEducational Programming
Thursday7:28 PMEducational Programming
Thursday7:54 PMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Thursday7:55 PMTicket Into Tech: StreamGuys
Thursday8:00 PMEducational Programming
Thursday8:21 PMEducational Programming
Thursday8:51 PMEducational Programming
Thursday8:56 PMRancho El Chorro & Rotary Promo
Thursday9:00 PMEducational Programming
Thursday9:45 PMEducational Programming
Thursday10:00 PMMusic & You: 03-Instruments
Thursday10:29 PMETWTM: 01-Scottish Music
Thursday11:00 PMNGA: Measure of All Things
Thursday11:16 PMNGA: Willem de Kooning
Thursday11:28 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Thursday11:31 PMNGA: David Smith
Friday12:00 AMDetour
Friday1:08 AMA Farewell to Arms
Friday2:26 AMCharade
Friday3:48 AMDressed to Kill
Friday5:00 AMEducational Programming
Friday5:13 AMEducational Programming
Friday5:29 AMEducational Programming
Friday5:42 AMEducational Programming
Friday5:54 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Friday5:54 AMMental Health Minute #7
Friday6:00 AMEducational Programming
Friday6:07 AMEducational Programming
Friday6:24 AMEducational Programming
Friday6:35 AMEducational Programming
Friday6:44 AMEducational Programming
Friday6:54 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Friday6:57 AMCTE Precision Manufacturing
Friday7:00 AMEducational Programming
Friday7:32 AMEducational Programming
Friday7:56 AMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Friday7:58 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Friday8:00 AMArt With Mrs Smith: Tide Pool
Friday8:24 AMEducational Programming
Friday8:57 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Friday9:00 AMEducational Programming
Friday9:27 AMNGA: Intro to European Art
Friday9:58 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Friday10:00 AMNGA Art Nouveau
Friday10:33 AMNGA: William Chase
Friday11:00 AMMental Health Minute #1
Friday11:02 AMMental Health Minute #2
Friday11:04 AMMental Health Minute #3
Friday11:06 AMMental Health Minute #4
Friday11:08 AMMental Health Minute #5
Friday11:10 AMMental Health Minute #6
Friday11:13 AMMental Health Minute #7
Friday11:17 AMMental Health Minute #8
Friday11:21 AMMental Health Minute #9
Friday11:27 AMTicket2Teach Webinar 202101
Friday12:00 PMEducational Programming
Friday12:52 PMEducational Programming
Friday1:00 PMEducational Programming
Friday1:10 PMEducational Programming
Friday1:57 PMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Friday2:00 PMEducational Programming
Friday2:17 PMEducational Programming
Friday2:35 PMEducational Programming
Friday2:51 PMEducational Programming
Friday3:00 PMEducational Programming
Friday3:26 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Friday3:28 PMEducational Programming
Friday4:00 PMEducational Programming
Friday4:24 PMMock Trial: Parents
Friday4:25 PMEducational Programming
Friday5:00 PMStudent Media Collection:202104
Friday5:54 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Friday6:00 PMYSYS: CTE 201807
Friday6:03 PMOn the Road with Jo: Paso Pets
Friday6:09 PMYSYS: Grizzly 201706
Friday6:21 PMWhere's the Care?
Friday6:30 PMTUSD Maker Faire 2018
Friday7:00 PMEducational Programming
Friday7:53 PMCoastal Valley Academy
Friday7:58 PMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Friday7:58 PMCTE Precision Tech-Carrie W.
Friday8:00 PMElectronic Field Trips
Friday8:57 PMRancho El Chorro & Rotary Promo
Friday9:00 PMEducational Programming
Friday9:28 PMEducational Programming
Friday9:49 PMMental Health Minute #7
Friday9:53 PMEducational Programming
Friday10:00 PMMusic & You: 03-Instruments
Friday10:29 PMETWTM: 01-Scottish Music
Friday11:00 PMNGA: Tapestry by Joan Miro
Friday11:15 PMNGA: Aware Series: Rembrandt
Friday11:27 PMTicket Into Tech: StreamGuys
Friday11:31 PMNGA: Treasures of Tutankhamen
Saturday12:00 AMAs You Like It
Saturday1:36 AMAfrica Screams
Saturday2:55 AMThe Three Musketeers
Saturday4:54 AMMock Trial: Students
Saturday4:55 AMTicket Into Tech: StreamGuys
Saturday5:00 AMEducational Programming
Saturday5:08 AMEducational Programming
Saturday5:15 AMEducational Programming
Saturday5:25 AMEducational Programming
Saturday5:35 AMEducational Programming
Saturday5:46 AMEducational Programming
Saturday6:00 AMEducational Programming
Saturday6:09 AMEducational Programming
Saturday6:18 AMEducational Programming
Saturday6:27 AMEducational Programming
Saturday6:39 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Saturday6:40 AMEducational Programming
Saturday6:54 AMMental Health Minute #7
Saturday7:00 AMEducational Programming
Saturday7:19 AMEducational Programming
Saturday7:44 AMMental Health Minute #8
Saturday7:47 AMEducational Programming
Saturday8:00 AMEducational Programming
Saturday8:19 AMEducational Programming
Saturday8:38 AMEducational Programming
Saturday8:57 AMRancho El Chorro & Rotary Promo
Saturday8:59 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Saturday9:00 AMNGA: David Smith
Saturday9:28 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Saturday9:30 AMNGA: Art of the Ancient Mayans
Saturday9:58 AMEarly Learning Enrollment 2019
Saturday10:00 AMNGA: Eye of Thomas Jefferson
Saturday10:28 AMNGA: Frederic Church
Saturday10:57 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Saturday11:00 AMMental Health Minute #1
Saturday11:02 AMMental Health Minute #2
Saturday11:04 AMMental Health Minute #3
Saturday11:06 AMMental Health Minute #4
Saturday11:08 AMMental Health Minute #5
Saturday11:10 AMMental Health Minute #6
Saturday11:13 AMMental Health Minute #7
Saturday11:17 AMMental Health Minute #8
Saturday11:21 AMMental Health Minute #9
Saturday11:27 AMTicket2Teach Webinar 202101
Saturday12:00 PMElectronic Field Trips
Saturday12:57 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Saturday1:00 PMEducational Programming
Saturday1:35 PMEducational Programming
Saturday1:58 PMEarly Learning Enrollment 2019
Saturday2:00 PMEducational Programming
Saturday2:26 PMEducational Programming
Saturday2:50 PMEducational Programming
Saturday3:00 PMEducational Programming
Saturday3:14 PMEducational Programming
Saturday3:29 PMEducational Programming
Saturday3:42 PMEducational Programming
Saturday3:57 PMSLO Foster Care: Christian
Saturday4:00 PMYSYS: Cayucos 2015
Saturday4:14 PMMock Trial: Parents
Saturday4:15 PMYSYS: Grizzly 201706
Saturday4:26 PMWhere's the Care?
Saturday4:35 PMYSYS: First 5 2015
Saturday4:51 PMYSYS: SLOCOE Pre-School 2016
Saturday4:57 PMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Saturday5:00 PMStudent Media Collection:202104
Saturday5:54 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Saturday6:00 PMYSYS: CTE 201807
Saturday6:03 PMYSYS: Atascadero 2015
Saturday6:14 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Saturday6:16 PMYSYS: Cambria 2015
Saturday6:27 PMYSYS: Los Osos Middle 2015
Saturday6:40 PMCal Fire: Widlfire Prevention
Saturday6:48 PMSLO Foster Care: Christian
Saturday6:50 PMMental Health Minute #7
Saturday6:55 PMTicket Into Tech: IQMS
Saturday7:00 PMEducational Programming
Saturday7:28 PMEducational Programming
Saturday8:00 PMEducational Programming
Saturday8:30 PMNGA: Sacred Art of Angkor
Saturday8:47 PMEducational Programming
Saturday9:00 PMEducational Programming
Saturday9:21 PMCTE Precision Tech-Carrie W.
Saturday9:22 PMEducational Programming
Saturday9:51 PMMental Health Minute #8
Saturday9:57 PMRancho El Chorro & Rotary Promo
Saturday9:59 PMMock Trial: Students
Saturday10:00 PMMusic & You: 03-Instruments
Saturday10:29 PMETWTM: 01-Scottish Music
Saturday11:00 PMNGA: Tapestry by Joan Miro
Saturday11:15 PMNGA: Aware Series: Rembrandt
Saturday11:27 PMTicket Into Tech: StreamGuys
Saturday11:31 PMNGA: John James Audubon
Sunday12:00 AMHouse on Haunted Hill
Sunday1:14 AMDementia 13
Sunday2:29 AMThe Cabinet of Dr Caligari
Sunday3:41 AMTormented
Sunday4:57 AMCTE Precision Manufacturing
Sunday5:00 AMEducational Programming
Sunday5:08 AMEducational Programming
Sunday5:16 AMEducational Programming
Sunday5:26 AMEducational Programming
Sunday5:32 AMEducational Programming
Sunday5:40 AMEducational Programming
Sunday5:47 AMEducational Programming
Sunday5:56 AMTicket Into Tech: IQMS
Sunday6:00 AMEducational Programming
Sunday6:07 AMEducational Programming
Sunday6:16 AMEducational Programming
Sunday6:27 AMEducational Programming
Sunday6:36 AMEducational Programming
Sunday6:43 AMEducational Programming
Sunday6:53 AMEducational Programming
Sunday7:00 AMEducational Programming
Sunday7:29 AMArt With Mrs Smith: Mission
Sunday7:58 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Sunday8:00 AMEducational Programming
Sunday8:31 AMEducational Programming
Sunday8:56 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Sunday8:58 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Sunday9:00 AMEducational Programming
Sunday9:14 AMEducational Programming
Sunday9:24 AMEducational Programming
Sunday9:40 AMEducational Programming
Sunday9:53 AMMental Health Minute #7
Sunday9:58 AMCTE Precision Tech-Carrie W.
Sunday10:00 AMEducational Programming
Sunday10:29 AMEducational Programming
Sunday11:00 AMMental Health Minute #1
Sunday11:02 AMMental Health Minute #2
Sunday11:04 AMMental Health Minute #3
Sunday11:06 AMMental Health Minute #4
Sunday11:08 AMMental Health Minute #5
Sunday11:10 AMMental Health Minute #6
Sunday11:13 AMMental Health Minute #7
Sunday11:17 AMMental Health Minute #8
Sunday11:21 AMMental Health Minute #9
Sunday11:27 AMTicket2Teach Webinar 202101
Sunday12:00 PMElectronic Field Trips
Sunday12:57 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Sunday1:00 PMThe Executive Branch
Sunday1:15 PMLegislative & Judicial Branches
Sunday1:29 PMEducational Programming
Sunday1:44 PMEducational Programming
Sunday2:00 PMEducational Programming
Sunday2:24 PMEducational Programming
Sunday2:48 PMEducational Programming
Sunday3:00 PMEducational Programming
Sunday3:31 PMEducational Programming
Sunday3:44 PMEducational Programming
Sunday4:00 PMYSYS: CTE 201807
Sunday4:03 PMYSYS: First 5 2015
Sunday4:16 PMYSYS: Grizzly 201706
Sunday4:28 PMWhere's the Care?
Sunday4:36 PMYSYS: SLOCOE Pre-School 2016
Sunday4:46 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Sunday4:48 PMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Sunday4:50 PMMental Health Minute #7
Sunday4:54 PMCoastal Valley Academy
Sunday5:00 PMStudent Media Collection:202104
Sunday5:54 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Sunday6:00 PMMental Health Minute #8
Sunday6:04 PMTicket Into Tech: IQMS
Sunday6:08 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Sunday6:11 PMTUSD Maker Faire 2018
Sunday6:40 PMCoastal Valley Academy
Sunday6:46 PMYSYS: CTE 201807
Sunday6:49 PMRancho El Chorro & Rotary Promo
Sunday6:51 PMTicket Into Tech: StreamGuys
Sunday6:57 PMMock Trial: Attorney-Coaches
Sunday7:00 PMEducational Programming
Sunday7:19 PMEducational Programming
Sunday7:40 PMEducational Programming
Sunday8:00 PMEducational Programming
Sunday8:24 PMEducational Programming
Sunday8:37 PMEducational Programming
Sunday8:56 PMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Sunday8:58 PMMock Trial: Students
Sunday9:00 PMEducational Programming
Sunday9:44 PMEducational Programming
Sunday10:00 PMMusic & You: 03-Instruments
Sunday10:29 PMETWTM: 01-Scottish Music
Sunday11:00 PMNGA: Measure of All Things
Sunday11:16 PMNGA: Willem de Kooning
Sunday11:28 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Sunday11:31 PMNGA: Frederic Church
Monday12:00 AMNight of the Living Dead
Monday1:35 AMMcLintock
Monday3:42 AMGulliver's Travels
Monday4:55 AMSLO Foster Care: Christian
Monday4:57 AMCTE Precision Tech-Carrie W.
Monday5:00 AMEducational Programming
Monday5:12 AMEducational Programming
Monday5:28 AMEducational Programming
Monday5:39 AMEducational Programming
Monday5:49 AMEducational Programming
Monday5:56 AMTicket Into Tech: StreamGuys
Monday6:00 AMEducational Programming
Monday6:12 AMEducational Programming
Monday6:25 AMEducational Programming
Monday6:39 AMEducational Programming
Monday6:52 AMCASA: Eli's Story
Monday6:55 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Monday6:58 AMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Monday7:00 AMEducational Programming
Monday7:05 AMEducational Programming
Monday7:21 AMEducational Programming
Monday7:36 AMEducational Programming
Monday7:50 AMEducational Programming
Monday8:00 AMEducational Programming
Monday8:29 AMArt With Mrs Smith: Cow
Monday9:00 AMEducational Programming
Monday9:32 AMEducational Programming
Monday9:54 AMMental Health Minute #7
Monday10:00 AMNGA: Modern Masters
Monday10:38 AMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Monday10:40 AMNGA: Sacred Art of Angkor
Monday10:58 AMEarly Learning Enrollment 2019
Monday11:00 AMMental Health Minute #1
Monday11:02 AMMental Health Minute #2
Monday11:04 AMMental Health Minute #3
Monday11:06 AMMental Health Minute #4
Monday11:08 AMMental Health Minute #5
Monday11:10 AMMental Health Minute #6
Monday11:13 AMMental Health Minute #7
Monday11:17 AMMental Health Minute #8
Monday11:21 AMMental Health Minute #9
Monday11:27 AMTicket2Teach Webinar 202101
Monday12:00 PMEducational Programming
Monday12:52 PMEducational Programming
Monday1:00 PMEducational Programming
Monday1:09 PMEducational Programming
Monday1:26 PMEducational Programming
Monday1:46 PMEducational Programming
Monday1:58 PMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Monday2:00 PMEducational Programming
Monday2:23 PMEducational Programming
Monday2:51 PMTicket Into Tech: Ashley
Monday2:52 PMEducational Programming
Monday3:00 PMEducational Programming
Monday3:26 PMCASA: Eli's Story
Monday3:28 PMEducational Programming
Monday4:00 PMEducational Programming
Monday4:24 PMMock Trial: Parents
Monday4:25 PMEducational Programming
Monday5:00 PMStudent Media Collection:202104
Monday5:54 PMCTE: Coding Bootcamp: Connor S.
Monday6:00 PMTUSD Maker Faire 2018
Monday6:30 PMCalifornia Streaming Promo
Monday7:00 PMEducational Programming
Monday7:12 PMEducational Programming
Monday7:28 PMEducational Programming
Monday7:55 PMTicket Into Tech: IQMS
Monday8:00 PMEducational Programming
Monday8:44 PMEducational Programming
Monday8:59 PMSLO Foster Care: Dr. Brescia
Monday9:00 PMEducational Programming
Monday9:44 PMEducational Programming
Monday9:56 PMEducational Programming
Monday10:00 PMMusic & You: 03-Instruments
Monday10:29 PMETWTM: 01-Scottish Music
Monday11:00 PMNGA: Tapestry by Joan Miro
Monday11:15 PMNGA: Aware Series: Rembrandt
Monday11:27 PMTicket Into Tech: StreamGuys
Monday11:31 PMNGA: David Smith
*This schedule is valid as of 8:12 AM on Monday, April 19, 2021 and is subject to change.  Refresh this screen often for the most up-to-date scheduling information.